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Enrich fulltext and abstract view of articles with data from across the web.

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This project aims to enrich the fulltext and abstract view of articles on publishers' websites with article-level information that is relevant to the reader. In its current form, this plugin provides one-click access to the PubPeer page of the currently viewed article and alerts visually the reader to the existence of PubPeer comments.

At present this plugin works in Google Chrome and supports the following journals: PLoS journals, Cell, and eLife. Support has also been added for the following article databases and repositories: PubMed, PubMed Central, and arXiv.

Future releases will aim to expand both the range of supported journals and browsers.

How does articlEnhancer work?

For supported journals, articleEnhancer fetches the DOI of the currently viewed article and retrieves the address of the relevant PubPeer page.

The title of all supported articles is then rendered clickable by articlEnhancer to offer one-click access to the article's PubPeer page -- clickable article titles are underlined by articlEnhancer.

Underlined article title.

As a reader you want to be notified quickly of the existence of comments on PubPeer. You can check the availability of PubPeer comments by hovering your mouse pointer over the article title: If articlEnhancer finds relevant comments on PubPeer, the background color will turn green, and red if no comments are found.

An article that articlEnhancer did not find any PubPeer comments for:

Article without PubPeer comments

An article with PubPeer comments -- a click on the title takes the reader directly to the relevant PubPeer page.

Article with PubPeer comments

Installing articlEnhancer

Soon this extension should be available through the Chrome Web Store.

Until then, download the source code or clone into the git repository

$ git clone

Then follow these instructions.

Help developing articlEnhancer

This project is in development and I am grateful for any contribution, suggestion, and criticism you may wish to offer.

Please feel free to create issues on GitHub to discuss this project!


PLoS One content licensed under CCAL.

Arrow curved, icon licensed from P.J. Onori under Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Netherlands.