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Python Built-In Functions

In this post I will try and dig through some of the source code behind the built-in functions of Python 2.7 My hope is that by going through some of the source code of Python I will get to appreciate technical aspects of Python better.

The source code of the built-in functions of Python 2.7 seems to be here.

Going through a small subset of functions listed here it becomes apparent that tracking down the source code of built-in functions is not trivial.

For now, I will just focus on those built-in functions whose source code I can locate here.


Finding the source code of this in Python 2.7 seems a bit tricky. I will come back to this later.


As we can see, this one just calls PyNumber_ToBase with the base argument set to 2. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the source code for PyNumber_ToBase yet.


Another one whose source code I cannot locate.


This one is not in the list of built-in Python functions but the source code for this is in bltinmodule.c to this got me curious.

A mention of this function is here.

Since __build_class__ is not exported as a built-in method, we cannot call it directly.


As the docstring reads, __import__ is meant for use by the Python interpreter. Programmatic import of modules is encouraged to be done with importlib.import_module() .

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